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Treating autism,MS,Cancer,Alzheimer’s,stroke,traumatic brain injury and more.


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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Mild Hyperbaric Therapy (HBT) (mHBT) is a secure along with successful way of supplying oxygen straight away to the human body’s cells.A superior

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Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

We sell & rent new or used hyperbaric chambers for in home use. Financing is available with payments starting at $200 per month.

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Satellite Locations

Satellite Locations

We help clinics throughout the nation to start satellite locations on every aspects. We provide marketing support, licensing material, literature and more.

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Two types of oxygen therapy could some help for adults who suffer from disabling migraine and cluster headaches.


Increasing a person’s oxygen levels allows the body to repair itself more efficiently for Stroke.


HBOT has only been used under doctor supervision for children with autism for a little over two years.


Studies on HBO and cancer have up to recently focused on whether enhanced oxygen acts as a cancer promoter or not.


Multiple sclerosis

Three hundred twelve patients were entered into a long-term study of effects of hyperbaric oxygen on multiple sclerosis

Heart Issues

It is sometimes used for people who have diseases that make it hard to breathe, such as heart failure


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been demonstrated to increase immune capabilities, assist patients from chronic infections to complex disabilities


There is growing interest in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO2) for children with cerebral palsy

Basics of Hyperbaric Therapy

  • Improve our immune system – our immune system needs oxygen to operate at its optimal level. As we age, we don’t breathe as deep, we are not as active and we start picking up diseases our immune system has been fighting off our whole life.
  • Improve your circulation – the blood and oxygen flow throughout your body.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Builds new blood vessels in damaged areas.
  • Improves your clarity.
  • Improves your stamina.
  • Reduces your risk of stroke.
  • It reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • I will help detoxify your body – it forces oxygen into your cells and forces the impurities out – Drink water when you get out of the chamber.
  • It increases the production and circulation of your stem cells. In clinical studies it has increased your stems cells over 800% after 40 sessions.
  • In repairs and rejuvenates damaged cells
  • It repairs nerve damage (slow process).
  • It improves your focus.
  • It reduces your risk of cancer.
  • It reduces your risk of dementia.




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  • Get consultation from one of the top hyperbaric therapy clinics in the nation
  • Provides relief for ailments such as Autism, MS, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia and much more
  • 100% SAFE! No risk for oxygen toxicity
  • Generated positive results for hundreds of patients already
  • Experienced team of hyperbaric technicians to answer all of your questions




Your Great Services

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Used by the majority of the professional athletes and the commercial clinics that use for mild Hyperbaric Therapy.

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Popular in-home use Chamber. Cheaper than the larger Vitaeris 320 and more comfortable than the smaller Solace.

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Smallest Chamber in the Oxy health line. Best for the family with limited on space or with tight budget

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